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Article Reprints

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Using your article, you can promote your featured company, product or service to potential customers with cost effective reprints, custom-tailored for your company. Reprints are high-quality offset reproductions taken directly from the original publication without the outside ads. They are printed at high resolution on 70 lb. gloss-enamel stock and make great sales/marketing tools. Use them for show handouts, proposal stuffers, direct-mail pieces and much more. Your reprints can be personalized with your company’s logo, web address, physical address, phone, fax, etc... Whatever you want – it’s up to you! Your ad can be reprinted too! Picture the possibilities of turning your piece into a profit with professional reprints.

ePRINTS An ePrint is an electronic version/low-resolution PDF of an article in reprint format that can be used to post on your website or to send via email.

PLAQUES Beautiful Reprint Plaques can be proudly displayed in a lobby, office, at a show, etc. They are made with a solid piece of 3/4" hardwood stock that would display your entire article without the outside ads. Plaques also make great gifts and are an excellent way to preserve this third party, unbiased acknowledgement of your company! There are several board color options you may select from including; walnut, oak, maple, burl, mahogany, pearl, white, blue, black, red, and green. There is an accent-trim that goes around the entire bevel-edged of the plaque and each page. The accent-trim selections for these include; gold, silver, white, black, walnut, and mahogany.